Monday, September 7, 2009


What matters to me is my future and my life, which would bring me to what I will be doing in the future. Military, Every country has one. It may not be the safest or most enjoyable job but you have amazing benefits for it. You can now get up to $81,756 for college! And along with that, $65,000 to pay off college loans. Just for signing up for the military you can earn up to $40,000 in bonuses! And that isn't even the start for the benefits you can get now. You can get a housing allowance, clothing, food, cost of living allowance even! That isn't even the start of all the benefits you can qualify for. This can have an effect on me because I'm enlisting in the military once of age. And knowing that they give you this well of benefits, it just gives me all the more reason to join the Army. And it reassures me that I will be set up well for my future. I wouldn't be so sure of joining the army if I didn't know about all the benefits I can qualify for. It has also been a good tool to get others to enlist, when I talk to a lot of people about the Army, they say they're enlisted because they want to go to college but they aren't sure how they would pay for it and the army will pay for education and they get an eye opening adventure along the way. The Army, and its benefits, is a great thing.

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