Sunday, August 30, 2009


College, it's the gateway to the new life. The real life. When you are finally free to make your own decisions. However, men are not taking advantage of any of that. In the past few years, the amount of males enrolled in college or completing college has plummeted. This can be an issue because it starts to show men may not be carrying their weight as a person. This can be bad for education because the colleges may close because they need money to keep themselves going. If colleges lose enrollment, they lose money. This can also have an effect on the world. How you may ask? Because without college graduates, companies can't get as many people into their job. Because for most jobs you have to have college hours. And if they don't have people for every job they can start to crash. Just look at Leman Brothers, they TANKED. And this can have an effect on me because it can stereotype men as without a college degree. And it could cause colleges to think twice about taking me because I may drop out because we have a higher dropout rate than females.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I saw a video today, "Did You Know" by Karl Fish, it made me think about what matters with this world and how far it has come with all its technology. I think what matters to me, is this world. We have all come so far with technology that it is just sky rocketing with its help it has done for us. It can do so much. It programs everything for my education. The teachers use it to give me my grades. It helps me do my homework like right now! I am doing this on my computer with the technology we have today. The technology we have today even helps us with our education. I mean right now, I'm at home, on an off hour, doing my homework and I'm taking advantage of the technology my phone has, it has an alarm set to go off at 10:15 and tell me I have to head back to school. It sets up all of our testing. Who grades the majority of our CSAP and MAPS testing? Not people. Computers. Technology is rapidly growing. Soon it will take over the world. Haha, Google will be the first to take over. Technology around the world is just amazing. It has helped us discover so much. Look at how much we now know about space. We know almost everything about our galaxy. We know more about space than we do the bottom of the ocean. Yes, it is kind of sad. But technology has so many uses for us. Now, we are developing a "technoskeleton" as it's called. It will be used in the Military to take weight off the soldiers. It just slides over your ACU (Army Combat Uniform) and holds most the load for the soldier. Instead of it feeling like a soldier is carrying 100 pounds on their back, it feels like ten pounds. Our technology has taken us to a whole new level of warfare. During Operation Shock and Awe, it was almost like missiles flying down your street only 7 feet off the ground hitting a target right where it was supposed to hit. On the exact inch. I'm not saying it's a good thing that it's happening but I'm not saying it's bad. I'm saying it's amazing. This world has come so far. And I'm excited to see how much further it will come. And I don’t believe it will stop here.