Sunday, December 13, 2009


I happened upon an article today called "First Marijuana Restaurant Opens In Denver" by Brian Fairbanks which was saying that Denver has opened a marijuana, pizza restaurant. This shows that marijuana laws are starting to change. Sure, you must have a medical card to enter this restaurant but did you ever expect there to be a marijuana restaurant? Laws on this drug are now not as strict and it is not too hard for some to get a medical card. It makes you wonder if this restaruant is a good or bad thing. Sure it may be good but what about for the people who do not need the drug but have a medical card? It is not hard at all for people to get a medical card. so I leave you with this: do you think marijuana restaurants are good ideas? Should marijuana just be legalized?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I happened upon an article today called "Jeffco swine flu vaccine clinics opening to public" which was out out by The Associated Press which was saying that Jefferson County, of Colorado, today received 101,900 doses of the H1N1 vaccine. This shows that we are now beginning to overcome the problems of the Swine flu. It is a dangerous flu that has even killed children. But we have now found a vaccine for the virus. This is a new step forward in the H1N1 problem. Our main focus now, is to get the vaccine out to more than just Jefferson County. We are now taking a new step into defeating deadly viruses.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


My article of which I read was called "Man charged with drunk driving on bar stool" which was about a 28 year old man who crashed a motorized bar stool that was made from a deconstructed lawn mower. This man happened to get intoxicated and drive it on side streets. He crashed and got arrested for drunk driving... on a BAR STOOL. This just shows how ridiculous some laws and people can be. Personally, the man was driving on the side walk as far as I know so I think he should not be in trouble. I'm guessing this stool did not go very fast either so I would not see the harm. But, he got arrested. Some of these problems should be thought over more I think.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The article I happened upon was called Broomfield man killed in fall at Grand Canyon by the Denver Post which stood out to me because of how big the Grand Canyon is to some people and how it has now become labeled as dangerous. A man was leaning over the South Edge of the canyon and he happened to slip, and fall to his death. This is important to some people because now they can know what the need to be looking for while at the Grand Canyon. What spots are safest to look at, which aren't. They should never be leaning over the edge of this canyon, if they do, it can follow with serious consequences.