Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The article I read was about the recall of Toyota vehicles which is slowly destroying the industry of Toyota. Toyota has recently recalled 2.3 million vehicles because they had a acceleration pedal that would STICK to the floor when you pressed on it. People were found to be driving and soon, they couldn't stop. This caused crashes and the fear of buying cars from Toyota. If Toyota loses as many customers as they have cars, they will be in big trouble with their business because they will lose a whole lot more money. if 2.3 million stop buying cars for $18,000 that's $414,000,000,000 dollars! If one company loses that, their company will rocket into the wrong direction.

Monday, March 15, 2010


My english class is a laptop class which we all feel we have benefitted from in these past few semesters. Now that we have laptops the class can be finished much faster because most of the students are best at typing because they are fast with typing. This even means we have spellcheck and other tools to help us better ourselves in writing. We can check everything that we type up. For a lot of students like myself, we have horrible handwriting. If we have computers we can type up all of our work and this eliminates the problem of legibility.
Now, with laptops I am so used to the carelessness of handwriting and spelling which isn't exactly good but it also isn't to worry about since most of todays average work is done on the computer. Since I have become so careless, my teacher would keep getting on me on making my handwriting better and I am sure he/she would be very upset with my writing.
Laptops should be put in classes because this is technology that willl be everywhere in this changing world anyway.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I read an article today called "Bear poacher headed to prison" by the associated press and it was saying that a man had killed a bear and is now being sent to prison. This is good because this man has probably upset the animal kingdom and was rude and killed their friend who was a bear. If this man is bad to nature on average, it may add up over time and he will cause the animals to become mad at humans and they will all group up and soon overrun the human race. People like this should not be so bad to nature because it is the beauty that is enjoyed by others.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I read an article today about the "Sixth Sense" which was telling us about a new machine called the "Sixth Sense" and what it can do for us all as humans. This is a device that hangs around your neck and can be used to do anything from call a friend, to find out all the information in the world about a random stranger on the street. This is a good and bad thing that is coming with this device. The good side is it will make life so much easier because it is all available literally at our fingertips. Depending on the shape you make your fingers, it tells the device what to do. If you hold your hand flat, it will put a keyboard on your palm and you can call your friends. Which would be so simple. But if you look at a random stranger, you can pull of their facebook, myspace, email address, everything. Right there in front of you in one second. This can mean someone who may be a very bad person may know everything about you in one second. You better watch what you post online, you never know who may see it!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


In the article "No surprise: Snow coming back again on Sunday" this states that Colorado may be getting much more snow coming which relates to all of us. For some, it relates because we don't like snow. But for most of us, it means SNOWBOARDING! (Or skiing....) I want to get a few more times in for snowboarding! And this snow means I may be able to go snowboarding a few more times before this season is up! Thank you, Lords on Snow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I happened upon a story today called "Company recalls some granola bars sold in Colo." which was set by The Associated Press which stated that the company Lovin Oven has had to call back some granola bars because they were found to have salmonella. This is important to me because personally, I enjoy a granola bar every now and then. And I may now base which granola bars I but off this. This will have an affect on the company as far as their sales. They may have more of an issue with selling foods now if they are out of business because of this problem of having problems with their granola bars.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I read an article today called "The U.S. National Debt and How It Got So Big" by Kimberly Amadeo and this was showing how the US debt was becoming such a big issue. Predictions show that by about 2020 the US debt will be around 23.1 trillion dollars of debt (from 13 Trillion and Counting) as of 3:26:11 the debt is $12,377,549,228,897 and counting. (National Debt Clock) which means we own that much money to mainly the Chinese since they are our main source of borrowing. This is not making China happy. This is a problem that has crept up on us and it must soon be fixed. If it is not fixed soon, we will be in a bigger problem than we already are. Over the course of 1 minute (3:27:55) the debt is now $12,377,554,968,596. That is an extra $5,739,699. This means we go more than $1,000 in debt every second, adding up to more than 1 Million dollars every minute. This numbers must be changed.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I happened upon an article today called "2 Fort Carson soldiers killed in traffic accident" and this is important because the soldier who crashed appeared to be drinking before he began driving. Drinking and driving is a serious issue in America and it must be stopped before it gets worse. Drinking and driving is one of the top killers of American lives. If drinking and driving could be fixed, it would be fixed as soon as possible. It must be stopped.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I viewed a video today called "Students Helping Students" and this movie was showing students all pitching in money to help pay for college when they arrived there to buy text books and food and the necessities of a college student. This is showing how every student should be. This shows that there are people out there still who are willing to help others as they have their struggles too. This shows that others will help students with everyday problems or education no matter the circumstances.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I happened upon an article today called Denver man faces 100 criminal sex counts, many involving kids which was stating a man who was caught with 100 sexual assaults. This is a horrible idea because our police should have found this man before he got that far. If the police force was more on top of this issue they would maybe have gotten to him earlier. This man is getting just what he deserves.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I read an article today called "Obama: U.S. to withdraw most Iraq troops by August 2010" which is basing the fact that president Obama wants to withdraw the troops out of Iraq. Many believe this is a horrible idea because this will just upset Iraq more than they already are. Basically, the plan is. all the way from the start of the war, we invade Iraq, destroy the entire country and leave them with almost nothing, then, in 2011, we just up and leave. Let me tell you something. The USA isn't exactly looked at as the nicest country. We have a reputation for being not the best. And if we are going to destroy a country and leave them with nothing and just leave, that will not please Iraq at all. We are basically saying "We came in to destroy your country and kill thousands, you clean it up." We aren't even going to help by lending money or any other help we can do. I think Mr. President has some thinking to do...

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have recently read an article called Obama: Yup, We're at War in Pakistan which was stating that our country was soon to rage war with Pakistan. This is said to be a terrible idea by many people considering the fact that the reason to go there is not as valid as they wish. Obama wants to invade Pakistan because he believes that we need to eliminate the terrorist group, Al Qaeda. The group is happening to be in Pakistan right now but they have made it very known to us that they have nucular weapons and they will not hesitate to use them. If we invade that may be just the thing to set off the terrorist group. They may have caused 9/11 but we have been in Iraq and Afgahnistan for about 9 years and already eliminated a large precent of the group. They aren't bothering us anymore in Pakistan. Don't you think that destroying 2 countries is enough? The president of the United States doesn't.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The men and women in uniform have been denied insurance; this means that the people who are protecting our country are not getting the respect they deserve. The problem is that some Veterans are making enough money to not qualify for VHA (Veterans Health Administration) but are also not making quite enough for insurance. The men and women who protect our country have no insurance which they deserve to have for free some say. If they put their life in danger just to protect our country they deserve free health care many say. However, there are those that do have free VHA but there is still a major problem. This problem is that the VHA has a lot of members, (almost all of the military) and no matter the condition; one will probably be put on a waiting list to get treatment for the issue. Someone could have a chronic condition but they may have to wait for a very long time. But, it gets worse. Upon disease, or acceptance, this person will receive inadequate care from an understaffed facility.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Dr. Warschuaer thinks that we do not need computers in schools. I think that computers are a great tool for us students. They have helped us all as for some of us have poor handwriting and if we can type up our work, that eliminates the whole issue of poor handwriting. Saving work, we can save work and if we misplace or lose that work, we can easily pull it right back up and reprint it! Many say laptops are not needed in school but I think they must be used to help us with our learning.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Moving into the new year of 2010, the US military, mainly the US Army, has changed it's benefits of which you recieve and the Basic Pay. The congress have approved a military pay raise. Which has nw taken affect and is good because the military has been seen as a low paying occupation but it now is not. the pay grade of an E-7 (Sgt First Class) can make up to $3,250.50 and that is NOT including benefits. If you live on post as an E-7 you have your heating, morgage, elecricity, all of that, already paid for monthly. Everything is paid for. Even your food and clothing. So, this means that that $3,250.50 is pocket money. Just money for anything. And that doesn't even include your monthly bounuses you may recieve. Soldiers are now being paid much better which can help with getting new recruits. Soldiers are no longer seen as low income. They are now treated how they deserve

Monday, January 18, 2010


There is an issue today, it is health care; and I read an article called What's wrong with America's Health Care and this states "Of the 47 million Americans without health insurance, 8.7 million are children. " This makes you think, What if this happened to our children? the children of today are what is going to carry on this society later once the current carriers are soon out of the picture, gone. Bono, the lead vocals from U2 said in his song, "Every generation gets a chance to change the world Pity the nation that won't listen to your boys and girls 'Cause the sweetest melody is the one we haven't heard" This is saying that the newest generation is what will be controlling the world later into the future. If a child was to get hurt and had no insurance, they may get a worse problem, and not make it. 8.7 million is more than enough to make a change. And we need to let them make that change.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The internet is a powerful tool to explain thought, get news of other things, and communicate. Many have read things that may have changed their mind on a subject. I know I have. The way the internet can change they way you feel about one thing is by the fact that there are so many other things out there as it is. You may read one thing an then read another that seems like it may have more truth in it. You don't to much research on the source it came from and there ya go, you changed your mind that easily.