Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I read an article today called "Obama: U.S. to withdraw most Iraq troops by August 2010" which is basing the fact that president Obama wants to withdraw the troops out of Iraq. Many believe this is a horrible idea because this will just upset Iraq more than they already are. Basically, the plan is. all the way from the start of the war, we invade Iraq, destroy the entire country and leave them with almost nothing, then, in 2011, we just up and leave. Let me tell you something. The USA isn't exactly looked at as the nicest country. We have a reputation for being not the best. And if we are going to destroy a country and leave them with nothing and just leave, that will not please Iraq at all. We are basically saying "We came in to destroy your country and kill thousands, you clean it up." We aren't even going to help by lending money or any other help we can do. I think Mr. President has some thinking to do...

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