Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Moving into the new year of 2010, the US military, mainly the US Army, has changed it's benefits of which you recieve and the Basic Pay. The congress have approved a military pay raise. Which has nw taken affect and is good because the military has been seen as a low paying occupation but it now is not. the pay grade of an E-7 (Sgt First Class) can make up to $3,250.50 and that is NOT including benefits. If you live on post as an E-7 you have your heating, morgage, elecricity, all of that, already paid for monthly. Everything is paid for. Even your food and clothing. So, this means that that $3,250.50 is pocket money. Just money for anything. And that doesn't even include your monthly bounuses you may recieve. Soldiers are now being paid much better which can help with getting new recruits. Soldiers are no longer seen as low income. They are now treated how they deserve

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