Monday, March 15, 2010


My english class is a laptop class which we all feel we have benefitted from in these past few semesters. Now that we have laptops the class can be finished much faster because most of the students are best at typing because they are fast with typing. This even means we have spellcheck and other tools to help us better ourselves in writing. We can check everything that we type up. For a lot of students like myself, we have horrible handwriting. If we have computers we can type up all of our work and this eliminates the problem of legibility.
Now, with laptops I am so used to the carelessness of handwriting and spelling which isn't exactly good but it also isn't to worry about since most of todays average work is done on the computer. Since I have become so careless, my teacher would keep getting on me on making my handwriting better and I am sure he/she would be very upset with my writing.
Laptops should be put in classes because this is technology that willl be everywhere in this changing world anyway.

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