Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was wondering today, "Why is it so gross looking outside? It looks smokey..." And of course, with my lack of being given information, I had to read up and find out by myself that there has been fires in California and Utah! It made me wonder, why does this matter to me? I think that this matters to me because I have breathing problems as it is, not asthma, but my lungs can just act up sometimes with conditions of air. And I do A LOT of running, almost daily, and that could be almost dangerous for me with how hard a will be breathing with all that smoke hanging around Colorado. If I'm running by myself and I can't breathe, it doesn't exactly sound safe does it? And I'm not the only person with breathing problems either, my brother has exercise caused asthma. And he does cross country, so he runs about 5-7 miles a day. All the smoke has to be hard on his lungs. All this smoke being around is very unhealthy. I hope all this clears up soon and gives us our clean air soon. I want to get back to more enjoyable running!

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