Sunday, October 4, 2009


"Whether we like it or not, social Web technologies are having a huge influence on students who are lucky enough to be connected," as said by Will Richardson in an article he wrote called "Footprints in the Digital Age;" which made me wonder: how does this matter to me? My classmates? Or even the world? But I think this matters to me by the fact that I am one of those people who started early with my digital footprint. Our digital footprint can help us as a class because it can make our lives easier with how we work. Blogger, it's a big part of our digital footprint and we have about 13 or more PLNs on our under our Blogger account. And it makes it all so much easier than. Having to write this up. In the world, we use technology every day which is also I piece of our digital footprint, I use my cell phone everyday, we all use TV’s or radios for whatever reason we have, for many, it's to hear the news. And we need to know what is going on in this crazy world. This article has showed me how dependent some of us are on technology.

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