Sunday, November 22, 2009


The article I read was called "Springs girl, 14, dies in Breckenridge ski accident" by Kieran Nicholson which stated that a girl skiing at Breckenridge died while skiing, this is important to all who ski or snowboard in Breckenridge. This is important to me because I snowboard at Breckenridge and I need to know that I need to be safe where I snowboard. If I'm not safe, I may end up seriously hurt. Many people ski and snowboard at Breckenridge but some also do not know the dangers on snowboarding or skiing. Even at other spots to do those things. But Breckenridge, happens to be one of the places that are not the safest.

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  1. Wow. That's really scary. She was even wearing a helmet! This story definitely shows that one must be extremely cautious while skiing or snowboarding and know the skill level of his or her ability. Just try your best to stay in control of yourself, and don't push yourself to do something that you aren't capable of doing yet!