Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I happened upon an article called "Gang ringleader gets 32 years in prison" By Howard Pankratz which was speaking about how a gang leader has been arrested and has 32 years in prison, this is important because many of us want safety in our city. And with gang leaders being put in jail, it is just getting us closer and closer to getting gangs limited. Gangs have always been a problem in this world. And they are dangerous and make others feel unsafe. What this means with this leader being arrested, we are coming closer to ending the gang. Once the gang is ended, some fear is ended, with that fear being ended, without fear, comes safety. I am proud of our police force and that we can live under the eyes of Denver's finest.

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  1. I agree that by arresting gang leaders can have a positive influence on society, but it can also have a negative one. If one gang knows that their rival gang's leader is now gone, they may move in, causing more violence between the gangs. Other gang members may also step up and take on that role. Gangs can be very dangerous, and I sure admire the police force for getting involved! They risk their lives every day. It's very admirable!