Sunday, November 8, 2009

PLN 21

Gunman kills 12, wounds 31 at Fort Hood


The article I read was called "Gunman kills 12, wounds 31 at Fort Hood" by MSNBC and it was speaking about the shootings of which were done down in Fort Hood, Texas, which is the 1st Cavalry Division; this is important to me because one of my recruiters, SGT Zapata, used to be stationed in Fort Hood. On Thursday when I saw him at Future Soldiers Training, he seemed in a total daze. He knew many stationed down in Fort Hood, this also shows that we can be attacked at any moment. It was almost worrisome to see the state Zapata was in. He wasn't talking to anyone, and staring at his desk. The most he would do was go onto his computer to find out more news about the fort. His wife came in to talk to him and he still was in a different world. This fort was attacked without warning, and it harmed many people throughout America.

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